Movie Box – Your Doorway To Non-Stop Entertainment

With the increasing challenges in your life and new projects and responsibilities, the room for entertainment has greatly reduced. As you grow up, you are no more left with the time to watch your favorite serials, watch your favorite movie, and play your favorite sport as you get busy with your routine jobs. On the go entertainment is an ideal solution for this problem and now with the iPhones you can almost do anything that you want to.

Many companies have come up with dedicated iPhone apps in order to keep you high on entertainment and make your leisure time a successful one. One such entertainment app is the Movie Box that helps you to watch your favorite movies, music while on the ago. It is a complete entertainment app providing you with all your favorite and trending shows that you can watch while traveling, resting, cooking or doing any other activity. It is not possible for you to take your television into the kitchen, but you definitely can take your mobile with you. Here are some of the salient features of the app that makes it distinct from other apps:

Regular Updates and Latest Additions:

The app continuously updates itself via the edition of the latest episodes of the TV series and the latest movies. You don’t need to resort to any other website to watch any latest movie. It also provides you with notification regarding updates of these programs so as to keep you aware about them. Generally, we tend to forget about watching some movies and regret it later. But with this feature, you will get a sharp reminder that will help you to stay up to date. If any movie of your choice is not available, you can also place an order for it.


The app allows you to view the menu as per your choice by providing filters. It provides two filters; the first one is based on the year and the second one on the genre. There is a collection of movies, music and television from almost 100 years. You can select the particular year and it will show you the popular movies and shows that were released in that year. You can also choose for the genre that you are interested in like action, comedy or so on.